Imagine where you can get, using, for the processing of your prototypes, a CNC machine that works up to 5 axes continuous with the best technology!

CNC machining in 5 axes in continuous allows the realization of very complicated and superficially defined products.

The movement of the 5 axes at the same time helps to reduce the construction of the part in terms of time, safeguarding workpiece repositioning times.

Thanks to the latest generation of Software, such as PowerMill, we manufacture precision products, fast and without compromise.




The mechanical design department, made up of highly skilled and experienced technicians, uses the most modern 3D software (Siemens Solid Edge) to help the customer to modify / design the part to be created.

In some cases we use Reverse Engineering technology, an indispensable and established work methodology that allows us to obtain a 3D CAD model through the digitization of an existing physical object. The most emblematic example is the 3D conversion of an Auto, Kart or a Moto component to then realize it by CNC. Not all the long-standing Automotive components are, in fact, easily available. With this technology, the component comes back to life!


The design department makes use of advanced FEM software (finite element analysis), to evaluate the mechanical structure of the details and identify, in advance, the strengths and weaknesses already in the preliminary phase. With the FEM simulation it is possible to identify:
weaknesses of the structure,
break points of the structure,
excessive masses of structure,
mass homogeneity,
stressed / critical areas,
deformation zones.


3D printers, are known as the most appropriate means for Rapid Prototyping a component, allowing, together with the design and the FEM simulation to prevent unpleasant problems before the realization of the final product.

Today, thanks to the acquisition of the new HP Technology, laMececcanyca is able, not only to Prototype quickly, but to RAPIDLY PRODUCE without initial costs such as molds and equipment.

Now it is possible to produce in medium / high quantities or in any case Prototype, high precision PA12 components, with mechanical characteristics equal to a component produced by plastic injection, with unthinkable geometric shapes, with accessible costs and in a very short time.

laMeccanyca has a coloring department to be able to color / sand / burate the PA12 products.


Milling up to 5 continuous axes (Mazak Variaxis J-500 / 5X). The machines at our disposal allow us to create very complex shapes, thanks also to the latest generation technologies introduced and to the available CAM software (Autodesk PowerMill). The maximum workable size is: maximum diameter 500 mm, maximum height 350 mm.

We realize Kart components on request, even if we do not have the mathematical model, we rebuild it based on your sample, even lighter, in the Magnesium Alloy.

We produce Aluminum Molds for the construction of carbon fiber or other composite materials.


We work all the materials: Inox, Titanium, Steels in general, Aluminum Alloys, Brass, Magnesium Alloys, Technopolymers in general, Carbon Fiber.

Special materials such as: 13-8PH, 17-4PH and 300M.

Upon request, together with processing, we also supply the Magnesium Alloy in Barre Estruse.

Our raw material warehouse is always supplied with light alloys such as 5083, 6082 and 7075 in order to serve our customers quickly.

We have an automatic MEP Shark saw for cutting to size.


On request, we prepare the surfaces of the details with micro-shot (NORBLAST SD9 shot peeler) or half Scotch Brite. Surface preparation, in addition to an aesthetic question, is usually required to prepare the detail for greater adhesion by the surface protection. Furthermore, we help the customer to manage the surface finishes of the components, such as: painting, anodizing from 15 to 45 μm (Hard Anodizing) and other protective finishes such as those specific to Magnesium Alloys.



Inspections have become a consolidated practice to maximize the efficiency, quality, capacity and accuracy of machine tools.

Standard cycles installed on modern CNC machines simplify the integration of measurement operations in the various production phases. These cycles, combined with a CAD interface, allow to simulate the measurement functions with great ease.

Renishaw probes ensure significant money savings and better quality in all applications that require the use of machine tools in these industrial sectors.
laMeccanyca, has precise and reliable measuring instruments to draw up dimensional ratios to serve customers, such as the 3D Compact Exagon arm able to accurately detect all the dimensions necessary for control






laMeccanyca adopts a careful planning of the workings and uses its technology to supply many sectors, including: Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Transport and Nautical.



A team of experienced professionals will be at your disposal to respond with competence and courtesy to your needs.



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